Ling Jian Zun – Spirit Sword Sovereign Episode 278 english sub

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When he was young, he was separated from his parents, colluded with Xinggu Yongwu Mansion, betrayed the cult, ran to marry his father, and wanted to come back. All the strong people of her Chu family were slaughtered in the process, making his family weak and powerless. 

Shui Qianyue, who originally promised her father to save the Shui family from destroying the family, married Shui Qianyue of the Shui family. After the misfortune of the Chu family, the Shui family master was unwilling to fulfill it. 

Shui Qianyue’s sister, Shui Liuxian, later helps him escape from the city, and the two fall in love before she is killed. At one point he nearly lost his life, but was rescued by Rory, who was killed by the enemy as soon as he recovered. 

After he reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, he was betrayed and died by his close friend whom he regarded as his brother. , but was resurrected because of the Reincarnation Stone which allowed him to return to his past 16 year old self, for a second chance to make everything right.


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